Do It Yourself Property Staging Instructions

Preparing a property for photos, walk-through video, or a virtual reality (3D VR) immersive experience is called staging. Professional staging companies charge several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars for larger properties. They may bring in artwork, plants, and furniture to make the property look more appealing.

We certainly don't require you to have your property professionally staged, but we have collected a checklist of items from Professional Stagers that will improve the quality of the services that we are able to provide.
This is a recommendation of items to do around the house to best prepare the property. If you missed anything, don’t worry, we will make a reasonable effort to set things straight. Please refer to our Terms of Service regarding homes that are not ready to be captured by Life Like View. Most jobs will take from 2-5 hours.
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Immediately before the shoot:

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Please check to make sure all lighting is working and balanced. We rely on interior lighting to make your home look beautiful. If there are burned out bulbs or bulbs of different wattage or color (temperature) it makes our job much more difficult and your property less appealing.

Open all shades and curtains.

Make sure outdoor lights are all in working order (if doing twilight or night imagery).
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Ceiling Fans
Please turn off all ceiling fans.
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Monitors • TV's
Please turn off TV's and computer monitors.
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Books, Magazines, Newspapers
Organize and neaten all books, magazines, papers, mail, etc. Most or all should be hidden - except maybe attractive coffee table display copy, or a classy cookbook. If book shelving is included in the property, it is alright for neatened books to remain in shelving.
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Family Photos
Your Call.
Landscapes and art pictures are usually be a part of professional staging. The decision to include family pictures in the visual assets is at the discretion of listing agent and property owner.
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Trash Cans
Place all waste baskets, recycling bins, clothes hampers, and garbage cans out of sight.
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Personal Items
Stow all personal items, food, clothing, tools, toys, tv remotes, power cords, wires, and remove all unnecessary clutter. It is best if the house looks like it is ready for someone to move in, not like someone is living there.
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Open or Shut?
If there are rooms that you do not want featured in your project, please shut the doors to those rooms. We will not take pictures of closets or rooms with the doors shut, unless you specifically tell us to.
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Clear and Clean.
Please put toilet seats down and make sure all personal items, shampoos, plungers, etc. are put away. It is up to the discretion of the owner or agent whether to have the shower curtains open or closed. Please position them how you want them. If towels are visible, they should be clean and neatly displayed.
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Mirrors, Glass Surfaces, Windows, Floors, and Counters
Please be sure that all of these have been recently cleaned and are clear. All cleaning supplies and tools should be put away.
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Beds made!
All personal effects, clothes, shoes, and electronics should be out of sight.
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Staged Sparsely.
Unless tastefully positioned, all cookware, dishes, spices, food items, etc. should be concealed. Magnets, calendars, and stickers should be removed from refrigerator and walls. Ideally, soaps and cooking appliances should be put away.
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Pets should not be present. All evidence of pets should be removed: no pet beds, feeding bowls, toys, cages, etc. visible.
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Fountains • Waterfalls
Special features in the yard like waterfalls, bird baths, fountains, etc. should be full and operating.
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Park cars in the garage (unless the garage is to be included in the imagery) or off the property – down the street.

Outside Preparation:

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Have lawn serviced, edging and trimmed completed. Ideally, if we are doing drone video, it is good to check and make sure the roof is clear of debris, trees trimmed and dead branches removed. Have yard waste removed from property. Have hedges trimmed, weeding done. Restore any drab mulch or flowerbeds.
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Pool (if included in property)
Make sure pool is clean and clear. Clear the pool of any debris, put all pool supplies and toys out of sight.
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Paved Areas, Decks
Sweep or leaf blow driveway, walk ways, porches, and patios. Consider pressure cleaning if stained or mildewed.

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